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  • Olive Muriel Pink sitting on a camel, Larry

    Black and white photograph of Olive Muriel Pink sitting on a camel, 'Larry', in Central Australia, 1934, with inscription on the back by Olive Pink 'Larry says " If I cannot be in the centre of the picture I'm not going to show my face!" Darkie says "Oh bother you! Well just my ears then!".' Photographs sent with a letter to her friend Joan Walker in Hobart, Tasmania.
  • Olive Pink Collection. Letter from Olive Pink to Joan Walker written during WWII

    Letter written to Joan Walker in Hobart from Olive Pink in Northern Territory some time between 1942 and 1945. Donated to the University of Tasmania Library Special and Rare Materials Collection (Walker family papers) by Mr. B.B.(Jim) Walker in June 2007. [Transcribed by Gillian Ward July 2007]. The letter had photographs of Olive Pink enclosed. These appear as separate items on ePrints. Photograph of Joan Walker (lent by Mr. B.B. Walker).
  • Eremophila maculata

    Watercolour painted by Olive Pink at Beltana, South Australia 19/7/30. Identified by Olive Pink as Eremophila maculata (Dimensions 12.5x24.5cm) (File No. p6-1-3)
  • Capparis

    Water colour and pencil on paper sketched by Olive Pink, Jay Creek, Northern Territory 26/12/30. Identified by Olive Pink as Capparis (Dimensions 19x24cm) (File No. p6-10-3)
  • Olive Pink's garden 1960

    Polaroid photograph of Olive Pink's garden, c. 1960, around her hut in the Arid Zone Native Flora Reserve, now called the Olive Pink Botanic Garden. Photograph by Olive Pink, from the Olive Pink Collection at the Olive Pink Botanic Garden, Alice Springs.