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Discover the University of Tasmania Cultural Collections

The collections held by the University of Tasmania represent a major academic resource for the University, Tasmania and the nation. Our University collections are treasures which enable academic research, visual creativity and object based teaching and learning. Importantly, the collections contain items of Tasmanian, Australian and international significance.

Our collections speak to the past and project to a future that embraces multidisciplinary activities that create conversations and new research that is discoverable and accessible to all. The University of Tasmania is home to more than 20 fine art, artefact, scientific and historical collections housed in campus museums, libraries and colleges. Managing, conserving and providing access to the collections is an important contribution to the University’s teaching, research and public service missions. 

Many objects are unique to Tasmania.  Some collections are used for teaching and others have been built over many years by University of Tasmania researchers.  A number of collections were donated by alumni or private collectors committed to ensuring public access to works and objects of learning, rarity and beauty. 

Listen to the ABC Radio Hobart, Breakfast with Ryk Goddard interview with Caine Chennatt, Associate Director, Collections at the University of Tasmania.




Background image of the University of Tasmania's first building, Domain House, Hobart.

Dawson, Alexander, Browne, Thomas and Duke, W 1848 , Hobart High School designed by Alexander Dawson, 1848, Royal Society of Tasmania Collection. [Image]

© Royal Society of Tasmania, Image available under University of Tasmania Standard Copyright Licence