Dr Winifred CurtisThe grand lady of Tasmanian botany


This online exhibit is based on the Dr Winifred Mary Curtis: - 100 years of botanical research, teaching and travelling  static exhibition  held at the Morris Miller Library, University of Tasmania in June 2005.  An online exhibition from the static exhibition objects and materials.  All material reproduced on this website appear in good faith, please refer to the  University website Copyright statement  if you believe material on this site infringes copyright,

2005 Exhibition Acknowledgements:

  • Dr Gintaras Kantvilas, (Tasmanian Herbarium)and Dr Marco Duretto (formerly Tasmanian Herbarium, currently The Royal Botanical Garden, Sydney) for their assistance with exhibition comm-entary and captions and selection of plant specimens.
  • Transcripts of interviews of Winifred Curtis by Gintaras Kantvilas used for exhibition commentary.
  • The Tasmanian Herbarium for the loan of exhibition materials and assistance.
  • Sue Backhouse, Curator of Art, TMAG for loan of George Davis portrait of Winifred Curtis.
  • Lynn Davies for research and loan of items from the Fahan School archives.
  • Scott Wylie for the loan of Winifred Curtis’s honorary PhD cap and gown.
  • Michelle Nichols from TMAG media office for arranging publicity.
  • Poster and website designed by Gillian Ward.
  • Exhibition curated by Dr Marco Duretto, Gillian Ward and Zoe McKay.




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Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens (2018), Viola curtisiae (iii), online image,  flickr, viewed 12 May 2020,  https://flic.kr/p/2dZmADZ.

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