Women in science we admire

Jennifer Lavers

Jennifer Lavers nominated by Catarina Serra Goncalves

One of the main reasons I decided to leave Portugal and choose my current PhD project here in Tasmania was to be able to work with Jennifer Lavers. Her work was already an inspiration to me as an early career scientist. It is amazing when you see a woman taking the lead and standing out among a man-led scientific community. I wanted to work with someone that I felt I could follow. Working closely with her for almost a year I feel she needs to be recognized not only for her amazing work as a scientist and as a communicator, but for the person she is. I love the way she fights all of her struggles with kindness and how she inspires everyone around her to be better. As a student, nothing is better than being encouraged to be better, not because I need to, but because I can. She has the power of the word, the power to make everyone around her feel capable and worthy.