Theodore Thomson FlynnTasmania's first Professor of Biology

Errol his Hollywood son

Baby Errol

Queen Alexandra Hospital 

The two Flynns

Errol's early life

Professor Flynn's  wife Lily (she later changed her first name to Marelle) was pregnant when they arrived in Tasmania. Their son Errol was born on the 20 June 1909 at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Battery Point.

Errol attended several schools in Hobart and reportedly trapped bettongs for his father's research into the reproductive biology of marsupials. 


When school finished, I raced home to be at his side, to hurry out into the backyard, where we had cages of specimens of rare animals.  He bought all the kangaroo rats [bettongs] he could get hold of for Hobart University. I learned to set box traps in the hills of near-by Mount Wellington. He paid a shilling a head.’

Errol Flynn, My Wicked, Wicked Ways.


Father and Son

Errol and Professor Flynn lived at Pressland (boarding) House for a time in the 1920s, which was situated in Melville Street, Hobart whilst his mother and sister lived abroad. 

Pressland House

Errol's film set

On Errol's yacht, 'The Zacca'

In 1931, Louis F Bisdet  lived in the same boarding house as Flynn,  Pressland House,  Melville Street Hobart.  

Bisdet  recounted his memory of Professor Flynn to Professor E R Guiler in a 1990 letter. 

Professor Flynn was a fine, well groomed man, always wore a black bowler hat. His wife, who he never mentioned, was admired by the
ladies of Hobart. His son Erroll, was often a great worry to him. 

Louis F Bisdet, UT 510 University Collection 

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Hollywood star

After various enterprises Errol landed a role as Fletcher Christian in the 1933 film In the Wake of the Bounty. The following year he signed a contract with Warner Brothers.  Errol starred in fifty-five films from 1932 to 1942.