Theodore Thomson FlynnTasmania's first Professor of Biology

Tasmanian naturalist

Field Naturalists Club

Professor Flynn became involved with clubs and societies which shared his interest in the unique Tasmanian environment.

He joined the Field Naturalists Club in 1909 and enjoyed Easter camps exploring the Tasmanian coastline, evidenced by lantern slides and photographs of dredging in Wineglass Bay and at the mouth of the Huon River. His association culminated in his election as the Chairman in 1918.


Professor Flynn, Easter Camp 1909

Specimen lantern slides

Field Naturalists scientific dredging

"The steamer Koonookarra was used during these Easter camps for dredging marine life under his leadership.  Field Naturalists, under his direction carried out some of the first scientific dredging along Tasmania’s coastline."

The Companion to Tasmanian History

Royal Society of Tasmania

Professor  Flynn was also elected to the Council of the Royal Society of Tasmania in 1911, which led to his role as a trustee of the Tasmanian Museum and Botanical Gardens. He addressed the Royal Society on the results of five weeks of dredging in 1913 and was the honorary curator of  the Tasmanian Museum from 1912 to 1918. 


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