Theodore Thomson FlynnTasmania's first Professor of Biology

Marine & Fisheries

 S. Y.  Aurora  by Frank Hurley

As the Professor of Biology and Zoology  Flynn was involved in marine exploration.

In November 1912, Flynn accompanied Sir Douglas Mawson on the S. Y. Aurora as the biologist for the second summer research cruise. To commerorate Flynn's Antarctic connection a lake was named after him on Macquarie Island

Professor Flynn published a series of papers on the fauna of Tasmania, including sea spiders (Pycnogonida), jellyfish invertebrates and freshwater  sponges

Most notably Professor Flynn decribed a preserved squalodont whale (Prosqualodon davidis) in 1923, found at Fossil Bluff, Wynyard.  

Flynn became a strong advocate for science-based development of fisheries in Tasmania and at the national level. He undertook a review of the Tasmanian fishing industry, and proposed some priority scientific projects, including comprehensive studies of the biology of the oyster and the crayfish, to underpin effective fisheries management.    The University's, Institute for Marine and Antarctic Science research continues the focus on understanding our fisheries, acquiculture, marine and Antarctic environmnents. 

Flynns Tarn near Cradle Mountain Tasmania is named after T. T. Flynn.  

 Sea spider

Whale bone

Flynns Tarn

Flynn's marine research papers