Andrew Inglis ClarkPrimary architect of Australia's constitution

Natural Rights & Suffrage

we must continue to carry on the good fight under the old flag which. was borne aloft by the men who stormed the citadels of despotism and privilege in the past

Andrew Inglis Clark, Natural Rights  p50


As a democrat and a representative of the working man, Clark sought to break the power of property in Tasmanian politics.  He wrote about 'Natural Rights', and believed in 'the rights of man', and advocated participation of working men, women and minorities in the electoral process. His legislative programme sought to remove inequalities in social and economic affairs, and ensure all citizens reached their full potential.



  • Clark, AI 1900 , Natural Rights; a paper submitted to the American Academy of Political and Social Science, Philadelphia, July 24, 1900 , University of Tasmania Library Special and Rare Collection, Australia.