Miss Pink's WildflowersFrom the Olive Pink Collection

Botanical sketches - Olive Pink Collection

Our Olive Pink Collection contains sketches, mainly in pencil and crayon, of flowers found in the north of South Australia, Central and North Australia. The majority were drawn between June and December 1930, at various places along the railway between Port Augusta and Alice Springs. Later sketches were made in various parts of Australia between 1931 and 1960, but often without a note of the place and date.

The sketches were often hurriedly made on pieces of thin, cheap paper, or even pieces of cardboard or brown paper. Some were coloured with crayon and a few, more finished drawings were coloured with watercolours.


Olive Pink Collection - Clianthus speciosum jigsaw 

Have fun putting together the Clianthus speciosum jigsaw, created from the:  Clianthus speciosum watercolour on card painted by Olive Pink at Wire Creek, South Australia, dated 25 July 1930.  

20 pieces - easy
63 pieces - moderate
120 pieces - hard