Thomas MidwoodA remarkably clever caricaturist



This exhibit is derived from the 2008 Thomas Midwood exhibition website and Morris Miller Library physical exhibition curated by Gliian Ward and Zoe McKay.  Original permissions to photograph and reproduce material are acknowledged below:

  • Tony Marshall, Ian Morrison and staff of the Heritage collections, State Library of Tasmania for permission to photograph Midwood christmas cards, the 'Bellerive Drinking Fountain', the Anson Album and 'The Critic' and for the loan of: Illustrated Directory of Hobart containing the names etc of the principal business houses in the city. Designed and drawn by T. Midwood, 1893? as well as the loan of a facsimile of 'Well-known Citizens of Southern Tasmania' by Thomas Midwood from the Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts.
  • Barrie Paterson, National Archives of Australia Hobart, for access to Railway drawings and allowing us to take photographs of [Tasmanian Government Railways] - Plan of the Mersey and Deloraine Railway from Deloraine to the junction with the Latrobe Tramway.
  • Katie Richardson, Narryna Heritage Museum for allowing photographs to be taken of the Thomas Midwood Huon Pine wood-carvings from the Narryna Heritage Museum collection.


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