Thomas MidwoodA remarkably clever caricaturist


Tom Midwood created a series of Huon pine carvings of caricatures based either on real life characters or imaginary ones. 

Some of these were shown at the Arts and Crafts Exhibitions held at the new Custom House and General Post Office, Hobart in 1903 and 1904 (Weekly Courier, 19 September 1903; Tasmanian Mail, 12 Nov 1904). 

Eight of his Huon pine carvings held in the collection of Narryna Heritage Museum, Hampden Road, Battery Point. They were donated to Narryna in 1968 by the artist’s son Mr. Edwin Midwood.

See the photographs of Thomas Midwoods Huon pine carvings in the University Open Access Repository.  Photographs taken by Gillian Ward for the 2009 Thomas Midwood static exhibition at the Morris Miller Library.