Thomas MidwoodA remarkably clever caricaturist

Midwood Collection

Thomas Midwood (1854 - 1912) with his banjo  

He is simply an artistic genius and a marvel.

Critic, 20 September 1912

Thomas Claude Wade Midwood (1854 - 1912) was an: artist, musician, woodcarver and public service draughtsman.  As a freelance artist Tom found fame, drawing humourous caricatures of his fellow Hobart citizens and advertisements for local businesses.  

In 1972, Thomas's son Mr Edwin Midwood bequeathed his collection of framed caricatures to the University of Tasmania.  The Midwood Collection, is part of the University Library's Special & Rare Collections.   


The late Mr. Tom Midwood for long in the Tasmanian Civil Service. Mr. Midwood was a remarkably clever caricaturist. The portrait shows Mr. Midwood with his favourite musical instrument the banjo.

 The Weekly Courier, 19 September 1912