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2019 Exhibitions


Academy Gallery

Art of the body: health, beauty & desire,  Academy Gallery, Inveresk campus

Exhibition dates:  16 January - 8 February 2019

Exhibition curator: Dr Malcolm Bywaters

Exhibition artists:   Robert Boldkald, Kathryn Camm, Peta Cook, Scott Cunningham, C.J. Edwards, Paul Eggins, Joanna Gair, Neil Haddon, Wayne Hudson, Liam James, Michael Kay, Kim Lehman, Sara Lindsay, Abbey MacDonald, Ben Miller and Anna van Stralen

Art of the body: health, beauty & desire explores how the body has inspired artists and scientists to create, invent and discover throughout the ages, from the ancient times to the contemporary day. Popular culture, music, sport, medicine, science and entertainment share an admiration for the physical body. In contemporary western society a healthy lifestyle is encouraged. Art of the Body will stimulate debate exhibiting the benefits of nutrition, regular physical exercise, and well-being.

During the twentieth century a return to investigating and defining the physical body has progressively empowered artists and academics to harness technology to explore the nature of humanity. Maintaining a healthy body requires physical activity and an understanding of the nutrients required to boost immunity and optimise health. Physical exercise is important for maintaining fitness; including muscle mass, bone density, reducing cardiovascular risk factors and promoting longevity. Art of the Body investigates the physical, psychological and emotional aspects of the body and their significance in art and science.

Art of the body: health, beauty and desire includes human specimens, objects, artworks and teaching materials on loan from the University of Tasmania R.A. Rodda Museum, Library Special and Rare Collections, Fine Art Collection, John Elliott Classics Museum, School of Physical Sciences Collection, the Rock Library and Geological Museum.

Presented in partnership with MONA FOMA, Launceston College, the Launceston Big Picture School, and the University of Tasmania School of Medicine, College of Health and Medicine and the University College, University of Tasmania.